Tooth Bleaching With Or Without Peroxide

Prior to discussing the issue of teeth whitening Chatswood it appears highly appropriate to argue if you need to whiten your teeth. The specialist states that there is a couple of circumstances, at the least, wherein this phenomenon is not recommended. One of these comprises the situation when there is pregnancy in progress or lactation is going on, moreover, the children under the age of 16 should not make effort towards whitening of their teeth as well. The reason being that there could be the occurrence of irritation or sensitivity in connection with the pulp. The whitening agent, which forms the core of the teeth whitener, is referred to as the chemical known as the form of peroxide, this chemical is as well called the bleaching agent, any individual who has proved to be allergic to this agent should avoid contact with it to avoid allergic reaction, which could be pronounced.  

Stains requiring removal

In contrast to the aforementioned, there are companies within Australia that profess that they have available such products which could lead to teeth bleaching in the absence of the peroxides mentioned earlier. They refer to this product as containing charcoal powder associated with coconut and being activated, the relevant Professionals claim that it is gently accepted by your gums and that it is highly adjustable with the teeth which have been discovered to be sensitive. This agent has been found to be effective against the stains caused by the activity of smoking, the commonly drunk coffee, soda, the wine of the red category, the usually taken tea in addition to others causes for stains. The whitener which we have referred to earlier that does not use any peroxide, has been comprehended to be containing the carbon associated with coconut shell, the compound of sodium bicarbonate, the clay of the bentonite category, the oil related to peppermint in addition to the orange oil.

Whitening, temporary solution

 The majority of contents belong of the first category, as mentioned in the aforementioned list, and   bicarbonate chemical appearing at the second place. The phenomenon of teeth whitening is temporary, especially with those who expose their teeth to such foods along with the beverages which produce staining. The degree to which your teeth acquire whitening varies along with the condition of your teeth, the extent of staining, in addition to the system of bleaching that is employed. It could be that your trusted dentist goes for acquiring the teeth impression of yours so as to prepare the mouthpiece tray which he customizes to fit with respect to your teeth in an exact fashion. The products available at the counters may contain a lower content of the peroxide as compared to the bleaching agents which are applied professionally, bearing 15 to 45 % of the whitening chemical.