All About Doubletree By Hilton Melbourne

Doubletree by Hilton is an international chain of the hospitality reits in Singapore. The company is based in America but it is spread worldwide and has hotels in almost every part of the world. The doubletree by Hilton Melbourne is a franchise of this company as well. Most of the chains are owned by the company itself but some of these are also given as the franchise. The sister company of the doubletree by Hilton is the Hilton hotels. The Christie cookie is a cooking manufacturing company who has been working with the doubletree by Hilton from more over 30 years. One of the reasons why this hotel chain became this much famous is because of these cookies. In the beginning these cookies were only for the guests who were important and special but then these cookies were made available to all the guests in all the franchise of the company around the world including the doubletree by Hilton Melbourne. The first hotel of this chain was developed in the Scotland and now these hotels are everywhere and the company has even in more growth because it has announced to launch the hotel chains in the UK as well. 

What makes the doubletree by Hilton Melbourne so special is its unique and luxury styles and rooms. The hotel introduces different levels and on each level there are rooms which differ from the other levels design rooms. The most latest introduced level of the doubletree by Hilton Melbourne is the level 14. This level has total of seven rooms and the rooms are at the end of the lobby which has a high ceiling. Not only this but every room has a window which opens to a beautiful view and this gives an open and fresh feel to the room itself. The one of the most amazing factors about these views is that these are not just the view of Melbourne city but these open up to the view of the most famous landmarks of the city. These include the Arts Centre and the Street stations. The rooms are the suite rooms which consist of the one king room and with another adjacent room which provides access to the king. 

The architecture of this entire hotel is very much unique. These present the best way to utilize the space. In every room the ceiling is high and there is a stairway which provides access to the bedroom loft area.  It can give you the best experience in the city of Melbourne.