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The NZ’s Finest External Cladding

Our area of expertise is non-flammable, external fire-resistant industrial cladding. We provide our customers with a plethora of possibilities with our assortment of aluminum items. For the highest caliber external cladding nz, get in touch with us right now! With every building project, our crew is here to help. From modest office towers to multi-story residential complexes, our technical experts have experience with all kinds of building facades. A variety of reasonably priced and long-lasting options are available to you with exterior cladding nz.

Select durable wall-covering systems

There are some unique benefits that come with working with Exterior Cladding in NZ. We take great satisfaction in offering one of New Zealand’s widest options of colors and sizes. To ensure that your cladding NZ is installed according to building codes and our requirements, we have a network of installers around New Zealand. With a PVDF or FEVE paint finish, all of our panels are further protected from the weather.  Before being hooked up in your building, all of our aluminum exterior cladding panels are protected with a peel-off coating that allows to prevent scratches and other damage to the paint floor. To further prevent oxidation of the aluminum and extend the life of your exterior, we have applied a polyester anti-corrosion primer to the back of our panels. For both commercial and residential constructions, we provide three distinct types of wall cladding fixing solutions to accommodate various building and architectural facades. Get in touch with us right now if you’re interested in our external cladding in NZ! Our external claddings are composed of sturdy, 100% recyclable aluminum because we specialize in producing high-quality goods. Full building code compliance, eco-friendly materials, a 15-year warranty on all panels, and a superior PVDF or FEVE finish are what you receive when you choose us. We install external cladding NZ on many types of buildings, including residences, commercial buildings, offices, warehouses, and more.

Unique concepts

We are committed to maximising design, sustainability, and durability. We take great satisfaction in producing durable, aesthetically pleasing aluminium wall panels Nz that are constructed to last. Among the world’s most renewable and ecological materials, aluminium is ideal if you want to get your building a high green certification. Our speciality is creating cladding that will improve your external surfaces while providing weather resistance. Our wall panels nz are the ideal answer if your building needs protection from the burning heat, industrial pollution, or saltwater breezes. We give any external surface dimension and protection.  We guarantee all of our external aluminium cladding products for a period of fifteen years. Please visit for more information.