What Is The Role Of The Dilapidation Report In The Structural Engineering?

Construction is one big job and it is dependent on many other factors as well. It includes the use of a lot heavy equipment. Sometimes the site on which the building or structure needs to be built is not ready for the swimming pool designs Sydney and it has to prepared first for this job. This preparation involves the removal of soil, trees and sometimes an existing structure. This demolition is the entire job itself and it could have affects on the neighbouring buildings and the structures if it is not done properly.

A dilapidation report is the report which is made to keep track of the demolishment that has been done to the site before the actual start of the construction. Usually this dilapidation report is made twice. One is at the start of the construction and the second is at the end. Then both of these reports are compared against each other and this is how the actual damage done is found out. It is very important since it determines how the construction work will have the effects on the neighbouring building.

This report is quite technical and therefore, it is usually carried out by the consultants which are highly experienced and knowledgeable so that they have the fair idea about how the construction will affect the area surrounding it. Usually this report includes number of pictures, measurements and other such notes which tell about the state of the site before the construction and after the construction. This report is usually approved by the owner and the crew of the construction as well

Many people think that if they are building something on an area where there is no demand of the dilapidation report from the higher authorities so they can start their work without it but it is not a good approach because the dilapidation report would save you from many troubles in the future. It may be possible that the neighbours are very well fine with your construction at the beginning but after you construct they claim that some part of their property is damaged by your construction work and they could have the law suit against you but if you have a proper dilapidation report with you which states all the areas which have been damaged and demolished and have pictures of the site of before and after then this could save you from many lawsuits and litigations which could be possible otherwise. The construction site inspection also give great importance to these dilapidation reports and even if you are still unsure then you could ask your builders about these.