Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Lawn

rubber playground surface

The artificial ground surface is now common application in houses or commercial places. Especially, the rubber playground surface has popular use when it comes to developing the kid’s playground. The rubber playground surface allows making the ground surface that can last longer and can prevent kids from any serious injury. Usually, the synthetic lawn is used as a rubber playground surface. As artificial grass is also made of rubber particles, so it can be the perfect alternative to natural grass plus with low maintenance costs. The synthetic lawn has its advantages when used rubber playground surface but it also has some drawbacks.


  1. The synthetic lawn provides the convenience that once it’s installed, it doesn’t need much attention and effort. As it will not be growing or needs frequent watering like natural grass. There will be no growth in the synthetic lawn, this is why it can be perfect for playground surface as once installed, no cutting or mowing will be required and it will seem like a natural green area.
  2. In natural grass, you will require fertilizer for its growth. When it will be used for kids’ playgrounds then the same fertilizer can be harmful to the kids. The fertilizers contain chemicals that can cause reactions in children. This is the reason the hat synthetic lawn is used as an alternate of rubber playground surface, even in many cases rubber playground surface is called an synthetic lawn.
  3. The synthetic lawn can last for years with minimal effort. They are perfect for the high traffic areas especially kids’ playgrounds where there will be a lot of running and falling involved. Also, it can resist a load of high traffic as compared to the natural grass surface.


  1. The advantage of natural grass, that if you have an outdoor area, provide it with water, air and sunlight, you will get the grass. Even if you don’t spend money on fertilizer, grass can grow naturally, so it will be cheaper to grow. Whereas when it comes to synthetic lawns, it is expensive to install, not only the material but also the installation labour is very high. The first-time installation cost may be significantly high that may resist you to go with an synthetic lawn. Also, in case of repair and replacement, you have to spend more money and that can be painful as due to heavy traffic it can be damaged easily.
  2. The rubber playground surface or synthetic lawn, both have the same origin, they are made of rubber particles. Yes, they won’t need fertilizer or chemicals to grow but they sometimes contain harmful rubber chemicals. These chemicals can be toxic and cause serious health conditions. Whenever you are going for a synthetic lawn in Sydney, always check the source of materials to avoid any complications in future.